Color in Chinese

The word for “color” in Chinese is “颜色” (yánsè). The character “颜” (yán) means “face” or “facial expression,” and “色” (sè) means “color.” Together, they form the word for “color” in Chinese.

Here are the translations for colors in Mandarin Chinese:

  • Black: 黑色 (hēisè)
  • Brown: 棕色 (zōngsè)
  • Red: 红色 (hóngsè)
  • Orange: 橙色 (chéngsè)
  • Yellow: 黄色 (huángsè)
  • Green: 绿色 (lǜsè)
  • Blue: 蓝色 (lánsè)
  • Pink: 粉色 (fěnsè)
  • Purple: 紫色 (zǐsè)
  • Gray: 灰色 (huīsè)

Please note that the pinyin transliterations are provided to assist with pronunciation.

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